The City of Tomorrow
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Welcome to the City of Tomorrow.

The most cancer-ready city on earth. In this city, there is no fear or bad news. This city doesn’t yet exist, but it soon will.

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A city where cancer care meets the needs of those most affected.

There are 18.1 million new cancer cases and more than 9.6 million cancer deaths worldwide each year, and these numbers are increasing drastically. With 54% of the world’s population living in cities, we believe cities are uniquely positioned to drive sustainable innovation in the delivery of cancer care—and health services in general—to large populations.

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A city where we all have the same chance of survival.

A city where we all have access to quality cancer care. Where you live, your gender, social or economic status make no difference to your quality of health care.

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The challenge


Cancer Deaths per Year


Cause of Death Worldwide


Cancer Deaths in LMICs


World’s population living in cities

Let’s build a world where cities deliver quality and equitable cancer care for all.
A world where the public and private sectors work together to improve the future of cancer patients and their families.

Cities of tomorrow

Join our movement and mobilise your city.

Get your passport to the City of Tomorrow. The Cities of Tomorrow belong to those who prepare for them today.

Step 1: Complete your profile, register to become a “dreamer” and get the first stamp in your passport.

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Step 2: Learn about the process and requirements to become a City of Tomorrow.

Step 3: Learn more about our current cities and obtain additional stamps for your passport.

What you need to know

Can any city join C/Can?

Any city with a population over 1 million is eligible to apply to join City Cancer Challenge. For more information about selection criteria please consult the C/Can checklist.

What is the application process?

Cities will be invited to follow a three-stage application process beginning with an Expression of Interest form. Shortlisted cities will be invited to submit a full application, and will be subject to a transparent due diligence process.

What is a ‘dreamer‘?

‘Dreamers’ are individuals, groups, organisations, or institutions that share C/Can’s commitment to improving access to quality cancer care, and are supporting their city on the journey to become a City of Tomorrow.

What is a ‘doer‘?

C/Can is currently operating in 9 cities across Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. These 9 ‘doer’ cities are planning and implementing sustainable cancer care solutions that respond to local needs.

Count forward to the next generation of the Cities of Tomorrow


You can apply to become a City of Tomorrow from the 15 of October 2020. Join our movement and mobilise your city. Dreamer cities start with your commitment.

If you are interested in joining us as an official partner reach out to us at