What is a ‘dreamer’?

‘Dreamers’ are individuals, groups, organisations, or institutions that share C/Can’s commitment to improving access to quality cancer care, and are supporting their city on the journey to become a City of Tomorrow.

What is a ‘doer’?

C/Can is currently operating in 9 cities across Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. These 9 ‘doer’ cities are planning and implementing sustainable cancer care solutions that respond to local needs.

Does every Dreamer become a Doer?

No. Becoming a Dreamer is the first stage of understanding the C/Can process and registering interest. The formal application process will begin in October this year.

What is a ‘City of Tomorrow’?

Watch our video and learn about the City of Tomorrow concept.

Can any city join C/Can?

Any city with a population over 1 million is eligible to apply to join City Cancer Challenge. For more information about selection criteria please consult the C/Can checklist.

What is the application process?

Cities will be invited to follow a three-stage application process beginning with an Expression of Interest form. Shortlisted cities will be invited to submit a full application, and will be subject to a transparent due diligence process.

When does it start? and how long does the application process take?

The application process to join C/Can’s global network will officially open on October 21st,2020. The full application process takes approximately 6 months.

What happens when a city joins C/Can?

Once an applicant city has successfully completed the application process, and all due diligence has been completed, the city will be invited to officially join C/Can. One of the first key steps is to develop a comprehensive mapping of local stakeholders involved in the delivery of cancer care across all sectors. Discover our full process.